Dancing career


If dancing is your passion and you find yourself often thinking how much you'd love teaching others how to dance, then it's time to explore your career in dancing. Becoming a dance teacher is a very viable career option. The hours are flexible, and the pay can be quite good. Some people seem to think that to be a professional dance instructor, you need to have started training at age five and have a ballerina's body, but this is not true. There is much more to being a good dance teacher than just being an excellent dancer. Successful dance teachers need to have very specific understanding of the mechanics of each individual dance step.

Alma Latina has been teaching successful professionals since 2001 and takes great pride in its alumni dancers who have obtained diplomas both in the American and International Style syllabus. Particularly, in the American Style, Alma Latina is the only dance studio in Europe to have 4 professional teachers with Master of Dance and two with Master of Dance diplomas as well as three with Grand Master in Argentine Tango. In the International Style, 7 teachers hold diplomas in ballroom, latin and freestyle, of which four have a Fellow degree in latin. Moreover, 90 professional diplomas have been awarded in the last eight years in Alma Latina in both styles, dance types and all degrees.

Many gifted dancers may be able to dance the patterns perfectly, because they have an intuitive grace but this does not necessarily mean they will be able to teach others how to dance, especially their beginner students. In Alma Latina we believe that enthusiasm, patience, passion and the ability to teach are all valuable virtues to a future dance teacher. To explore your talent in professional dancing, visit Alma Latina today!