Give a special note to your first dance together. You can dance to the music of your choice or your teacher at Alma Latina can help you select something, be it a Rumba, Tango or a traditional Bridal Waltz. All you have to do is describe the romantic atmosphere that you wish to create and we will help your first steps together to be in perfect harmony.

Here's some useful advice from Alma Latina's experts:

  • Don't wait until the last moment. Remember that as time approaches for the big day, your schedule will be becoming more hectic and you will have less time to yourselves. Starting to practice three to six months earlier will allow more time for practice.

  • Dance lessons can act as a stress reliever. The time that you will be spending together practicing your song will help you loosen up and forget -even temporarily- your other obligations.

  • Always remember: Dancing is fun. Forget about what your audience will think and just focus on the moment that you will be sharing as husband and wife.